Are you Stuck, Frustrated, Worried, Got Job Hunting or Career Problems or Issues You Need to Solve?

Are you finding what you are doing is not working, or are you worried that it won’t, or do you simply want to find the best way of achieving your job hunting and career goals?

Job Hunting and Career Pain Relief – How to Solve your Job Hunting and Career Problems, was written by Job Hunting and Career Problem Solving Expert, Best Selling Author and Thought Leader, Jonathan Blain to help you to achieve the following three things:

  1. A Breakthrough

  2. Success

  3. Happiness

Book: Job Hunting and Career Pain Relief

About the Book


The World has changed, Job Hunting and Careers have changed, and People have changed. The result is more people are finding themselves in Job Hunting and Career Pain; out of work, insecure at work, with careers neither where they want them to be right now, nor on track to take them to where they want to be in the future.... What is worse is many existing solutions aren't working at all, for some people, or not as well as they would like, others simply don't know where to start, or what they could do, or should do. It is not just the economic situation causing problems, the nature of job hunting and the traditional concepts of careers were already changing before the downturn.

People with job hunting and career problems have two simple choices; firstly continue doing the same things, and hope the outcome will be different (Einstein's definition of insanity), or secondly, change and adapt to the world as it is today.

This book offers a step change, for people who either have job hunting or career problems now, or who think they might in the future (cure and prevention). Job Hunting and Career Pain Relief, takes job hunting and career problem solving to the next level, it is a "game changer" for people who want and need results; It offers New Ideas and a New Approach for The New World, coupled with a focus not just on getting results, but winning when the odds seem like they are stacked against you, and getting the best results possible.

Job Hunting and Career Pain Relief will change the way you see, and think about job hunting and careers forever; you will learn that it is not just about what you do, that will deliver the results you want; and despite the tough economic conditions, it is possible for everyone with the courage to embrace change, to achieve extraordinary breakthroughs, success and happiness. It joins up the dots, shows you the missing links, and gives you a framework to make your future much better than your past. You'll see your career in context with your life and how the pursuit of happiness needs to be at the core of what you do, to achieve the ultimate success.

Drill Down to the real issues – which probably aren't everything you think they are - and Step Up and do what it takes to succeed.

About the Author


Jonathan Blain Serves PeopleJonathan Blain is an inspiring job hunting and career problem solving expert, thought leader, and international bestselling author, with 12 books published and over $3.8m sales.

He is the founder of a new generation of career related services: the Job Hunting and Career Help Club™, the Job Hunting and Career Emergency Service™, High Flyer Academy™, Game Change Academy™, CV For Executives™, Careers Start Academy™, Business Start Up and Success Academy™, Career Life Cycle Academy™ and the inventor of: Career Life Cycle Management™, Sales and Marketing For Job Seekers™, Lifetime Career Investment™, Employer Relationship Management™ and more.

In 2007 / 2008 when the credit crunch and global financial meltdown happened, Jonathan’s previously highly successful career hit the buffers, he experienced first-hand job hunting and career problems, that was to change his life forever. With his career dreams in tatters, he was to discover his destiny, which was to help as many people around the world as possible to solve their job hunting and career problems. Helping you and other people to solve their problems has become like a calling, a higher purpose that he simply couldn’t ignore.  It is as if everything that he had done, experienced and learnt, both good and bad in his life and career was to prepare him for this role, like an incredible apprenticeship.

He studied Job Hunting and Career Problem Solving for five years, he invested a huge amount of time and energy in researching the topic, learning from the masters, and greats, adding that together with what he knew already, and then adding his own new ideas, thoughts and solutions. He also took a job as a professional CV / Resume Writer and Career Coach, and worked with over 500 people on a 1:1 basis, helping them to solve their job hunting and career problems, honing his skills and learning from everyone that he worked with.

Jonathan takes Job Hunting and Career Problem Solving to the Highest Level. His goal is to help people to achieve three key things:

  1. To solve their job hunting and career problems as quickly as possible

  2. To achieve the very best results possible

  3. To also achieve happiness and fulfilment in their careers too

Prior to becoming a Job Hunting and Career Problem Solving Expert, Jonathan was a best-selling author and thought leader;  his work has previously been endorsed by nine CEO’s of UK top 1,000 companies, including the heads of: Apple, Sony and Carphone Warehouse, The Director General of the Institute of Directors and the First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy.
A natural and courageous leader, not frightened to take risks and push back the boundaries, he is innovative, creative and entrepreneurial, able to motivate and inspire others to achieve extraordinary things. His messages are deep, meaningful, career changing, and perhaps life changing too. Expect to be surprised, intrigued and challenged, with a ground breaking, radical, different and thought provoking insights. He has a warm, caring and empathetic approach, and talks with the benefit of personal experience, not just theory.

Jonathan’s life story is one of immense variety with huge highs and lows, including numerous business and life adventures being: the youngest compliment officer in the Royal Navy, at sea in a hurricane with steady 120mph winds and 80 foot waves, narrowly avoiding being sunk on HMS Coventry during the Falklands War, shipwrecked in mid-Atlantic during the two handed trans-Atlantic yacht race, an entrepreneur making and losing millions, Chief Executive and Chairman of a publicly quoted company, Managing Director of many companies and an owner of multiple businesses, and countless entrepreneurial ventures. Jonathan has worked in the public, private and not for profit sectors, for small medium and large sized organisations, and also been self-employed.

He has been an HR Manager with responsibility for recruitment, a recruitment consultant, Managing Director of a recruitment business which was a subsidiary of a FTSE 100 company, and been an employer, recruiting many hundreds of people for different roles, at different levels, in different functional areas and sectors, and run candidate assessment processes.  
He is naturally competitive, and has a talent for innovation, creative thinking, developing inspiring visions, marketing, sales, PR, and leadership, with the ability to motivate and inspire others to achieve extraordinary things. He has previously been an award winning salesman, owned an innovation and sales and marketing business, and has undertaken training in psychology.  He has previously spoken at the annual conference of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management to 1,700 people.

He has appeared many times in the media (TV, Radio and Press) internationally, including BBC Breakfast, BBC News 24, Radio 5 Live, Reuters TV globally, Sunday Times, Saturday Telegraph, Mail on Sunday, Financial Times, Local TV and Radio and more.
Jonathan has personally experienced severe job hunting and career problems first-hand and knows the difficulty, pain and suffering that they can cause. With huge empathy and understanding, Jonathan has a mission to inspire, motivate, help and support as many people as possible, to solve their job hunting and career problems, so they can achieve a breakthrough, success and happiness.  
He is an Explorer, Adventurer and Innovator in Life and Business, and is committed to helping others to Live Better Lives, Run Better Businesses and Make the World a Better Place.

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About the Publisher


Amazing AuthorsAmazing Authors Agency is a Publishing House founded by Jonathan Blain to help Amazing Authors get their work published.

Unlike traditional publishers the focus is on publishing Amazing Books, not just on books that will sell in vast quantities, where the focus is all about making money.


Jonathan also helps people to write books quickly (10 days), particularly people who are super busy and whose time is incredibly valuable.

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Book: Job Hunting and Career Pain Relief – How to Solve your Job Hunting and Career Problems


Job Hunting and Career Pain Relief: How to...
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