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Top Job Hunting and Career Tips For Young People

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My Top 12 Tips For Young People

Jonathan Guru1

  1. Take the time and effort, to work out who you really are, and what you really want in your life and career. (Use a wide variety of different assessment tools to help you).
  2. Run your career and your working life with a set of values and principles, that you set yourself; hold yourself to them and don’t ever compromise them without good reason. Try to make sure that you are a person, who stands for something that others will relate to, don’t be bland.
  3. Choose a career that plays to your strengths, and that you are going to be good at and enjoy.
  4. Have a plan for your career and life, and amend it as circumstances, and what you want changes, and then live the plan.
  5. Learn that working hard or getting great qualifications, often isn’t enough to get on in your career; you need to learn to be good at marketing and selling yourself on an on-going basis. It is worth getting training and learning how to do that.
  6. Continually have higher standards for yourself than others have for you, particularly your boss, don’t fall to the lowest common denominator, or be pulled down by others.
  7. Take ownership of your own career, become a leader and don’t put your career in the hands of others on the basis they will look after you.
  8. See your life and career as a story, where you get to write most of the script. Know where you are now, where you have come from, and where you are going; try to be congruent, and make sure that the right people know about it, and that your story excites you.
  9. Be a lifelong learner, continually develop yourself and grow, always try to acquire the skills and qualifications for the jobs above you, before you are in the role, not afterwards.
  10. Learn to recognise the value that you add to an organisation, and do everything that you can to maximise that value. Recognise that differences matter and that you will at times, have to compete with others - sometimes when there can only be one winner.
  11. Try to be a good team player and colleague, try to keep good relationships with everyone.
  12. Your prospects will be limited unless you learn to become a leader, proactively decide to become a great leader, develop your leadership skills and step up to the challenge.
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