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Why is it important to spend time on job applications?

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You know what it is like, you see a job advertised, decide you are going to apply, and then you have got to actually do it. These days it can be almost as easy as hitting the “apply button” on a job board; hit the button and off goes your CV / Resume and the application is made. Cover letters are often optional, meaning it is possible to apply with minimum effort. Some employers will make you complete an application form, which may contain some pointed questions; you’ve then got to think about what to say....

You might have put in lots of work on your job applications in the past, heard nothing and got nowhere, which might make you think “what’s the point, spending ages on application”? 


“Seek to Understand – Then Be Understood” – The Late Stephen Covey

Author of: 7 habits of Highly Effective People


The late author Stephen Covey, in his multi-million selling book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” said one of the seven habits is “seek to understand, and then be understood”.  If you want to be highly effective in your Job Seeking, you have to do your homework, if you are applying for an advertised job, you need to study every word of the job advert, better still if you can request the job description, most organisations have them, and then really seek to understand, not just what they are looking for from the candidates, but also what the organisation does and stands for, and what is most important to them. When you feel you really understand what they are looking for and what they value, you can start to look at what it is that you are, what have to offer and how it fits with what they want. 


A job application gives you the opportunity to let the employer know that you have understood what they want, and help them to understand what you offer that is relevant to them. You have to remember that it is highly likely lots of other people will be applying for that job too. It is a competition and your objective is to compete and win, so be competitive.


Many people I coach, have told me that they believe that the primary purpose of a job application is to get you an interview, would you agree? I don’t want to appear to be splitting hairs; it is hard to disagree that a job application is about getting you an interview, but I feel your application needs to go one step further, and give the employers the reasons they should ultimately hire you and not someone else.

“Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow”


When you make a job application, you are planting a seed, how good that seed is matters, you need to make sure it is the strongest seed, which will go the distance, and grow into the job you want, not wither on the vine. 


The more effort, thought, care and love you put into your job application the greater your chances of winning. A great job application could set the agenda from the start, make interviews easier and more successful, and help you to get across the finishing line. 


Go for it, the time you invest working hard on job applications, will be nothing compared to what you will lose if you don’t!

Jonathan Blain

Job Hunting and Career Problem Solving Expert and Best Selling Author of 12 Books including:

Job Hunting and Career Pain Relief – How to solve your job hunting and career problems”

He Offers New Thinking, New Ideas and New Solutions Designed to Get You the Best Results Quickly






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