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«To help as many people around the world as possible, to solve their job hunting and career problems or issues quickly, to achieve the best possible results, and to find the ultimate happiness and fulfilment in their careers.»

When the credit crunch and global financial meltdown happened in 2007 and 2008 Jonathan Blain’s previously highly successful career hit the buffers, he like many others, experienced the pain and difficulty of trying to get his career back on track, and found much of the widely available advice simply didn’t work for him.

After an epic struggle, he took a job as an executive level CV and Resume writer and career coach, and it ended up changing his life for the better. He helped over 500 people on a 1:1 basis to get their careers back on track, which he both really enjoyed, and also found he had a talent for.

It was as if everything he had even done, learnt, experienced and achieved in his life and career previously had been part of an extraordinary apprenticeship, so that he could help and serve you and others, who need job hunting and career help to get you to where you want to be.

He invested a huge amount of time, money and effort, researching and studying job hunting and career problem solving, to unlock the secrets that are responsible for holding some people back, and propelling others to huge success.

Jonathan Blain's bookHe wrote about these things in his ground-breaking new book on the topic:
"Job Hunting and Career Pain Relief – How to Solve Your Job Hunting and Career Problems".

Now Jonathan is on a mission, to help as many people around the world as possible, to solve their job hunting and career problems and issues; it has become part of his life purpose, a calling that he simply couldn’t ignore. Get your copy now.

Jonathan stands out as being different for many reasons; the following three are probably the most important:

  1. The extraordinary depth and breadth of his personal and career experiences that gives him understanding and  a unique perspective, that he uses to help you and others to achieve more.

  2. His higher purpose desire, to help you and as many people around the world as possible, to solve your job hunting and career problems.

  3. He offers genuine: New Thinking, New Ideas and New Solutions that you won’t find anywhere else, that are ahead of their time, and can change everything for you.


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Jonathan Blain Testimonials

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Jonathan Blain

He is an enigma when it comes to being defined or pigeon holed. One colleague once described him as an Explorer, Adventurer and Innovator in Life and Business; another described him as a Pioneer, and another as a Strategist. He's an explorer because he has huge curiousity and is interested in making new discoveries, an innovator because he is full of new ideas, and an adventurer, because he has the courage to lead, make new paths, to do things, go places and make things happen that would be outside most people's comfort zone. 

His life has been a mixture of ordinary and extraordinary, conventional and alternative. He started life as a Royal Naval Officer, becoming the youngest compliment officer in the fleet, he survived a hurricane at sea, responded to a fire on the Piper Alpha Oil Rig, was shipwrecked during the two handed trans-Atlantic yacht race, which resulted in a record breaking air sea rescue. He escaped from an ambush in Thailand, achieved a record breaking IPO, became a best-selling author with 12 books published on business, entrepreneurship, technology, sales and job hunting and career topics, and has had his work endorsed by many prestigious leaders including nine heads of UK top 1000 organisations: Apple, Sony, Carphone Warehouse, Swiss Re, St James's Place, The Director General of the Institute of Directors and the First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy and many more.

Jonathan Blain in the MediaJonathan has been in the Media on TV on numerous occasions, including: BBC Breakfast, BBC News 24, Reuters, National, Local and International Radio including BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Local Radio, BBC Radio Berkshire and BBC Radio Oxford, where he has been offering job hunting and career advice. He has also appeared in the following national newspapers in the UK, The Sunday Times, The Saturday Telegraph, The Mail on Sunday, The Financial Times and The Metro. He has also spoken at an event at the House of Commons. 

You will not find anyone more caring and more committed, to helping you solve your job hunting and career problems quickly, and to achieve the best results possible, than Jonathan Blain. He takes Job Hunting and Career Problem Solving to the highest level, which reflects a Step Change or Game Change and a Paradigm Shift, which can change everything for you.

turning-no-into-yesHe'll teach you to change:

  1. The Rules of the Game ( the game that is solving your job hunting and career problems)

  2. The Instructions For Playing the Game

So that you can:

  1. Solve your job hunting and career problems or issues faster

  2. Get the very best results possible

  3. Achieve happiness and fulfilment in your career also

He has a natural curiosity, and desire to understand issues and problems and make discoveries.

He is intrigued by many things, and will frequently ask himself the following powerful questions:

Jonathan's powerful questionsWhy?

Why not?

What if?


Prior to Jonathan experiencing Job Hunting and Career Problems, he felt a strong desire to want to make a contribution, and in particular to help others to:

  1. Live Better Lives - Job hunting and career problem solving comes under this

  2. To run better organisations and businesses

  3. To make the world a better place.
    As part of this, he is involved with ground-breaking initiatives related to Sustainability and also Diversity in the Workplace.

meaning-of-life color

"Jonathan is interested in helping people find their life purpose and meaning in their lives"

He is not your typical career coach or job hunting expert; he's at the leading edge of Job Hunting and Career Problem Solving, because that is what he thought would be most valuable to you, and because finding the best solutions is what really excites him.

His thought leadership, research and enlightened and innovative approach, Let me help you!can help you to discover an edge and advantage, that you can use to achieve a breakthrough, and the career success, happiness and fulfilment that you desire.

Job Hunting & Career Help Club

Jonathan Blain Founded the Job Hunting and Career Help Club to make a difference to you and people like you. He puts every possible solution on the table, providing it is legal and ethical.

One of Jonathan’s favourite quotes is from Buddha:

Your work is to find your work, and then give yourself to it, with all your heart.

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