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Jonathan’s wide portfolio of career experiences enables him to provide you with unique perspectives; which includes the ups and downs he has experienced, the struggles he has gone through and overcome, the success-es he has achieved, the boundaries of possibility that he has pushed back, and the lessons he has learnt along the way, particularly from the diverse range of roles he has had, including his personal top dozen which are as follows:

1.      As a Job Seeker, both a highly successful one and also an unsuccessful one, and one somewhere in the middle.
2.      As an Employer in the Private, Public and Not For Profit Sectors, for small, medium and large sized organisations,    including being CEO and Chairman of a Publicly Quoted Company.
3.      As a Recruiter and Managing Director of a Recruitment Company, that was a subsidiary of a UK Top 100 company.
4.      As an HR Manager, with responsibility for recruitment.
5.      As a qualified psychometric coach and also as a mentor.
6.      As an Award Winning Salesman and Marketer, including being an owner of a sales training com-pany and a speaker at the annual conference for the Institute of Sales and Marketing Manage-ment.
7.      As a Leadership and Innovation expert, including being creator of the arguably the world’s most comprehensive video based education resource on Leadership.
8.      As an experienced Entrepreneur with many entrepreneurial ventures under his belt, including a record breaking IPO.9. As a Best-Selling Author with 12 non-fiction books published and sales of over $3.8million,
10.    As a Thought Leader, whose work has been endorsed by many top leaders including nine Heads of UK top 1000 companies including, Apple, Sony, Carphone Warehouse, The Director General of the Institute of Directors and the First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy and much more. He stud-ied and researched the issues that are holding some people back, and propelling others to the ultimate career success.
11.    As a professional CV writer with experience writing over 500 CV’s and finally
12.    As a career coach and job hunting and career problem solving expert.




1. Live Better Lives - Job hunting and career problem solving comes under this,
2. To run better organisations and businesses and
3. To make the world a better place. As part of, this he is involved with ground-breaking initiatives related to Sustainability and also Diversity in the Workplace.



Jonathan experiencing Job Hunting and Career Problems, he felt a strong desire to want to make a contribution, and in particu-lar to help others to:
He has a natural curiosity, and desire to understand issues and problems and make discoveries. He is intrigued by many things, and will frequently ask himself the following powerful questions:
  •  Why?
  •  Why Not?
  • What if? and
  • How?