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When the credit crunch and global financial meltdown happened in 2007 and 2008, Jonathan Blain’s previously  highly successful career hit the buffers. He like many others, experienced the pain and difficulty of trying to get  his career back on track, and found much of the widely available advice simply didn’t work for him.

After an epic struggle, he took a job as an executive level CV and Resume writer and career coach, and it ended up  changing his life for the better. He helped over 500 people on a 1:1 basis to get their careers back on track, which he both  really enjoyed, and also found he had a talent for. It was as if everything he had even done, learnt,  expe-rienced and achieved in his life and career previously, had been part of an extraordinary apprenticeship,  so that he could help and serve you and others, who need job hunting and career help to get you to where you  want to be.

He researched and studied job hunting and career problem solving, to unlock the secrets that are responsible for holding  some people back, and propelling others to huge success. He wrote about these things in his ground-breaking new book  on the topic: “Job Hunting and Career Pain Relief – How to Solve Your Job Hunting and Career Problems”.


Now Jonathan is now on a mission, to help as many people around the world as possi-ble, to solve their job hunting and career problems and issues; it has become part of his life purpose, a calling that he simply couldn’t ignore”.



He is not your typical career coach or job hunting expert; he’s at the leading edge of Job Hunting and Career Prob-lem Solving, because that is what he thought would be most valuable to you, and because finding the best solu-tions is what really excites him. His thought leadership, research and enlightened and innovative approach, can help you to discover an edge and advantage, that you can use to achieve a breakthrough, and the career success, happiness and fulfilment that you desire.