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What Difference Would It Make If:

  1. You could solve your job hunting or career problems quicker?

  2. You could achieve the highest results / best possible outcome?

  3. You could also achieve the ultimate career success and happiness too?

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FREE Secret Report shows how to: 1. Solve your job hunting and career problems quicker, 2. How to achieve the Best Results Possible and 3. How to also achieve Happiness and Fulfilment in your career too.
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The New Science and Art of Job Hunting and Career Problem Solving

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Imagine taking job hunting and career problem solving, putting it under the microscope, scrutinising the issues, researching the problems and all the possible solutions, studying what the gurus and experts from the four corners of the world are saying and teaching, looking beyond the scope of most career experts, joining the dots and adding a big dose of imagination, creativity and innovation, combining it with a plethora of relevant experience, and a burning desire to make a difference to you and as many other people around the world with job hunting and career problems as possible. That is what Job Hunting and Career Help Club’s Founder Jonathan Blain did.

The world has changed, job hunting and careers have changed, and more and more people are finding themselves with Job Hunting and Career problems that are not easily or quickly resolved. It is no longer bad people who have job hunting and career problems, they can affect anyone including the real stars, at any age, at any level and in any role.

Jonathan BlainJonathan knows what this feels like, because in 2007 / 2008 when the credit crunch and global financial meltdown happened, his previously highly successful career hit the buffers. He found a mountain of career advice available, yet most of it didn’t work for him.

At his lowest point with his career in tatters, he discovered his destiny, he took a job as a professional CV / Resume Writer and Career Coach, worked with over 500 people on a one to one basis, and wrote his ground breaking new book “Job Hunting and Career Pain Relief – How to Solve Your Job Hunting and Career Problems”. He is on a mission to help as many people around the world as possible to solve their job hunting and career problems as possible. It has become part of his life purpose, a calling that he simply couldn’t ignore.

At the core of Jonathan’s solution is “The New Science and Art of Job Hunting and Career Problem Solving”, which is all about “Job Hunting and Career Problem Solving at the Highest Level”. Imagine Job Hunting and Career Problem Solving was a game you played; you can play games at any level. Job Hunting and Career Problem Solving at the Highest Level, is the equivalent of playing sport at a pinnacle, to World Champion / Olympic Gold Medal level. It doesn’t matter what level of job or career you are going for, the programme is about finding the best ways to solve your job hunting and career problems or issues.

Jonathan worked out that the following three things mattered most:

  1. The speed of getting results – the faster the better

  2. The quality of the results achieved

  3. Your career happiness and fulfilment

The course is orientated to helping you learn what you need to do, or what needs to happen, to achieve these three things. If you are out of work and need a job, and get one, that could be seen as success, but success has different levels. If it is not a job you really wanted, but feel you had to accept it, perhaps for less pay than you wanted, not doing what you really wanted to do, for an organisation that you didn’t really want to work for, in a non-perfect location, with working hours and conditions you don’t really like etc., then that is not a brilliant result.

This programme is about helping you get to the ultimate of everything.